The American Alliance for International Education (AAFIE) was evolved from a professional interest group, established in 1998 by professors at Purdue University and other universities for a joint effort in collaboration of global education. Today, AAFIE has become one of the major organizations in the United States devoted to developing, implementing, and conducting international education programs for the global community, with world-class faculty and staff.

AAFIE consists of two major departments: AAFIE Education (Higher Education Division, K-12 Education Division) and AAFIE Artificial Intelligence Labs.

The AAFIE Education Chart

AAFIE OrganizationChart

What We've Accomplished

Here is a summary of our major accomplishments. It is worthwhile to mention that most of the programs are now running on the open virtual classroom ecosystem.

♦ We have led and facilitated the collaborations in research and instruction between universities in the United States and European countries since 1998, and assigned professors to five major international collaborative education programs;

We have initiated and financially sponsored the Global Competence Program for public schools and colleges in the United States. As part of the program, we have led public schools and colleges in integrating global competence into the curriculum, by developing and implementing collaborative projects in Science, Engineering, and Social Studies;

We have assisted American K-12 schools and universities in establishing oversea campuses or programs, assigned instructors into the programs, and managed the programs on behalf of the institutions in the United States;

We have initiated and implemented programs to facilitate the international exchanges between the 203 schools in the United States and the 260 schools in other countries, and opened four exemplary high school courses emphasizing on global competence for the top high schools.

We have initiated and implemented Global Engineering Excellence Program for college engineering students around the globe, to cultivate 21st century international engineers in obtaining a global perspective, cross-cultural communications, international collaborations, critical & creative thinking, and global problem solving skills.

We have initiated programs in internationalizing the university curriculum for universities around the world, and opened three Exemplary Engineering Courses emphasizing on global competence for top universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, BeiHang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), and the University of Science and Technology Beijing, China.

We have established following four major exemplary institutions for promoting international education, in addition to embedding the Global Competence Program into the curriculum for numerous other schools and universities.
    - AAFIE-USTB International Engineering Education Center at the University of Science and Technology
    - AAFIE Elementary School
    - AAFIE Middle School
    - AAFIE High School

The AAFIE-USTB International Engineering Education Center is an exemplary 21st century college program demonstrating the integration of engineering disciplines with global competence. The AAFIE Elementary School, AAFIE Middle School, and AAFIE High School have been established as exemplary 21st century schools demonstrating the integration of the Common Core State Standards with global competence.