Smart Manufacturing


Smart Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an enabling technology for smart manufacturing today. Without Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is no real intelligence in manufacturing, therefore it is just an automatic system at most. Smart Manufacturing is about how AI is applied in the entire manufacturing process for cost saving, better production efficiency and significantly improved product quality. 

Our current solutions in Smart Manufacturing are in the following areas:

1. AI for Product Development and Design
Digital Twins
Generative Design
Product Lifecycle Management and Product Customization

2. AI for Robotics and Control
Human-Robot Collaboration Enhancement
Robotic and Machine Vision Enhancement
Localization and Mapping
Machine/Vehicular Object Detection/Identification/Avoidance

3. AI for Quality Control
Root Cause Analysis
Quality Monitoring
Visual Inspections of Product

4. AI for Health of Industrial Assets
Smart Maintenance Model
AI Algorithms for Smart Maintenance
Continuous Improvement of Accuracy

5. AI for Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process Overview
Deterministic and Random Variation
AI Algorithms for Manufacturing Process Optimization

6. Design and Build AI Architecture for Smart Manufacturing
Building a Scalable AI Architecture in Smart Manufacturing
AI Model Management
AI Model Deployment
Continuous Learning